Writing Teachers

Lynda Aron – Author, Creative Writing Coach and Editor

Picture of Lynda Aron author of your write to heal,Author, Creative Writing Coach and Editor

Lynda Aron
Author, creative writing coach and editior.

Lynda Aron, author of Your Write to Heal has been working as a writing professor, coach and editor for over twenty years. She has inspired individuals to effectively express their inner voices, for both creative and healing purposes. She supports clients, patients and survivors in groups as diverse as Gilda’s Club, Adelphi University’s Breast Cancer Support System, International Women’s Writing Group at Yale University and inner city gang disarmament groups. Lynda’s unique program sees writing through the unconscious as ‘yoga through the pen’. She leads participants on an inner journey with compassion and expertise, humor and nurturing. A copy of her book, Your Write to Heal is included as part of the workshop.

Susan Griffin – Poet and Screenwriter

Picture of Susan Griffin, poet and screenwriter

Susan Griffin
poet and screenwriter

Susan Griffin, the author of 21 books, including the classic Woman and Nature, and A Chorus of Stones a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, has received many honors, including an NEA grant, the Northern California Book Award for non-fiction, an Emmy and a Guggenheim Foundation Award.
She has taught creative writing for over forty years, both privately and at colleges and programs throughout the world. She has taught students at every level in every creative form. An attentive reader, she addresses both the process and the craft of writing, while inspiring her students and creating a supportive atmosphere in her workshops.

Lowell Downey – Photographer and Writer

Picture of Lowell Downey, photographer and writer.

Lowell Downey
photographer and writer.

Lowell Downey tells stories of the cultures of the wold and the environment through the photographic arts and the poetics of his writing. As a lyrical photographer his work is informed by his experience as a performance artist, playwright, poet, filmmaker, and director. He earned his M.F.A. from New York University in dramatic writing and spent more than 20 years in the theater and film industry before joining Waldinger in creating Art & Clarity Photography. The recipient of museum commissions and awards in photography and writing, his art hangs in private collections and has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. As an active member of the community on environmental and educational issues, he is working with biologists and scientists to document the changes of the Napa River and Napa County watershed.

Leonore Wilson – Napa County Poet Laureate

Picture of Leonore Wilson – Napa County Poet Laureate

Leonore Wilson
Napa County Poet Laureate

Leonore Wilson was selected by the Arts Council Napa Valley as a Poet Laureate for 2012 thru 2014. Wilson is a former creative writing instructor at Napa Valley College and has won grants and fellowships including Writers and Work with University of Utah and Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts in non-fiction and poetry respectively. Her writing has been featured in the Quarterly West, Madison Review, Third Coast, and Trivia: Voices of Feminism, with her latest collection of poems, Western Solstice, published by Hiraeth Press and available at Copperfield’s Bookstore in Napa. Wilson lives on her 1200 acre cattle ranch in the eastern hills of Napa that has been part of her family since 1915.