Urban Farm Tour

Urban Farming’s mission is to create an abundance of food for people in need by planting, supporting and encouraging the establishment of gardens on unused land and space while increasing diversity, raising awareness for health and wellness, inspiring and educating youth, adults and seniors to create an economically sustainable system to uplift communities around the globe.

The Bay Area is known for its passion for food and its forward-thinking policy. The region’s central cities have the potential to combine the two, leading the nation by demonstrating how municipal policy can catalyze the development of urban agriculture, build a stronger regional food system and create healthier communities.

Let Bay Area Green Tours take you out to these beautiful and creative farms where you get the chance to experience sustainability in action. Sample Tour stops could be: Little City Gardens – one of the urban agriculture projects in San Francisco, Alemany Farms – a farm that grows food security and educates local residents about how they can become their own food producers, Treasure Island Job Corps Farm – where students are learning the relationship between chefs and farmers.

Residential, Community and partner Gardens are a part of „The Urban Farming Global Food Chain.“


We will be happy to provide you with a unique tour for your party.

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