Picture of Gayle McLaughlin mayor of Richmond

Gayle McLaughlin mayor of Richmond

“Bay Area Green Tours has that special commitment to build and nurture the kind of community understanding and consciousness-raising that is needed in the 21st Century to help with the transformation to a healthy, equitable, and sustainable future for all. The City of Richmond has taken a leadership role in environmental, economic and social justice work, including advancing green jobs. Working with BAGT has been a great asset in helping us further these efforts! “

Gayle McLaughlin
Former Green Party Mayor, City of Richmond

Group Tours & Public Tours

“Bay Area Green Tours rock!”
– Van Jones, American Environmental Advocate, Civil Rights Activist, and Attorney

“What an incredible day getting to better understand our local community’s needs, and being educated on a topic that is so important in order to understand the role that each of us can play within it…the 2 InDays that I have invested with your tour has made a lasting impression on not just me, but my family, and my peers as I have been able to come back and share my experience and learnings with them around food waste, social impact, and being more connected with our earth and our food from a locality standpoint. The education spirals inward and back outward! Thank you again for opening our eyes to important people, places, and communities! You are great at what you do, and you have a super fan in me!”
-Fontaine Ho Schaber, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Thanks for all you do for our beautiful planet.”
– Judy Wicks, 
White Dog Cafe and Business Alliance for Local Living Economies Co-Founder

“It’s the perfect entry point for those who want to dig their feet a bit more deeply into the sustainability world, while also being entirely appropriately for veterans of the environmental movement. It’s an outstanding tour.”
– Debra Berliner, Former, Climate Action Coordinator, Ecology Center Berkeley

“The Green Tour is really inspiring. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, but I learned a lot. The tour is really the cutting edge  . . . teaching us all a new eco-literacy, a new vocabulary, a whole new way of being in the world.”
– Jeff Ritterman, Retired Cardiologist, Richmond City Council Member

“The tours are lively, upbeat, spirited, information-rich, and inspiring.  In a relatively brief period, you get to visit some of the cutting edge sustainability enterprises in the country, and meet and talk with their operators.”
– Mark McLeod, Executive Director, Sustainable Business Alliance

“The Bay Area is a hotbed of ideas and experiments in sustainability. Green Tours are a fun, quick way to gain an insider’s peek at a wide variety of successful operations. The tours provide a jolt of inspiration, which will leave you excited for the future and committed to playing a role in the revolution!”
– Amy Kiser, Program Director of The Ecology Center, Berkeley

“I loved the ambitious, varied nature of your itinerary, the high quality of all invited guests, and the breadth and depth of your commentary.”
– Jill Valenti, Realtor, Mill Valley

“What a day of pleasant surprises! We toured Green Restaurants, Solar Powered buildings, Community Gardens, and went to a show Room of Green Cars. It was an education in the broad scope of sustainability where I experienced first hand a full spectrum of Green Businesses, led by knowledgeable and entertaining Tour leaders. It was a lot of fun.”
– Jean Sturges, Insurance Broker

“I had a blast!  Lots of fun and great to see some of these businesses  I did not know.”
– Rauly Butler, Senior Vice President, Mechanics Bank

“It’s very educational, inspirational, and great fun! It felt like a combination field trip and graduate school seminar.”
– Gail Koffman, Writer, San Francisco

“What a great way to have kicked off our trip to the bay area, we had a blast!”
– Kendra Sandoval, visiting from Colorado

“The tours were a wealth of information that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  I will spread the word!”
– Jacob Schroth, Senior Sales Manager, Hotel Shattuck Plaza

“The Green Tour is an amazing feast for the eyes and ears that left an indelible impression on my mind.”
– Chris O’Brien


Educational Tours

“I liked how we had a great group, everyone was focused. What I liked most about the trip was that I learned a lot about the environment and myself and also, what I can do and not do in the future. I had a nice time, tired, but I liked the trip :)!”
– Waddah

Today I learned all about energy. but my favorite thing I learned was that solar energy is a booming business, and a perfect career for me.”
– Jackson Spector

What I really loved about the green tour was getting to see a lot of places all in one day. I really liked the hydrogen bus part of the tour because I take the bus every day, and now I’m excited because one of my bus routes is powered by hydrogen!
– Michael Grey

“This tour opened my eyes and made me realize all of the wonderful jobs I can have now, and in the future. Thanks so much.”
– Bianca B.

“This tour was a good experience. It showed me things that I didn’t know before, and it was fun!”
– Natalie Gonzaléz