Shared Solutions Oakland

A fun walking tour of vibrant local sites in Oakland

The exciting trend of Shared Economy is blossoming. The community is recognizing this trend as part of the solution to the question: “How will we meet the needs of the world’s enormous population?” The Community in Oakland has been working on Shared Solutions for quite a while now and we have the opportunity to take you to some of the places who have implemented Shared Solutions with great success. When joining this experience, possible stops we might visit are below.     

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Suggested stops


Eco-Industrial Artisan Park

This is a community of makers located in West Oakland that’s home to a network of artisans working collectively to develop and promote environmentally progressive projects. It includes aquaponic gardening, fish farming, and a small bonsai garden. There’s solar power production, bio-char, wastewater digestion for re-use, and an urban milling facility, where Oakland trees are preserved and milled into beautiful lumber used for firewood and furniture. Not only will we learn about the power of creating working relationships and community workspaces, we might learn about the trending benefits of insect protein by visiting an edible insect “farm” housed in a repurposed shipping container!


Coworking Space

Another site to visit is a member-based shared office space whose mission is to build an entrepreneurial community and coworking space to create solutions for a world that works for all. It is a community of changemakers that support professional and personal growth. Connecting and collaborating with other members, being part of a community and having a great place to work are just a couple of benefits of working at a coworking office.

Co-housing Community

North America’s 50th Co-housing Community is preserved in a 1917 historic landmark Neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places. The co-housing residences are part of an award-winning, innovative, mixed-use, historic-preservation project – restoring an abandoned old market building with affordable rental apartments, a co-housing community, retail storefronts, restaurants, offices and a courtyard.


Coworking Kitchen

A certified and affordable coworking kitchen is a place where micro-entrepreneurs in the food products industry can launch catering, baking, or pop-up food businesses. These food start-ups gain a space where they can cook, create, and thrive with the support of a strong food-making and entrepreneurial community.

Community Garden

One of the best examples of community gardening is a seven-acre collection of themed gardens at the north end of Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Established more than half a century ago, the Gardens serve as a source of great regional pride, a cultural and education center, and a place to enjoy tranquility in the heart of the city. The themed gardens include a drought tolerant, bonsai,edible, Japanese, and sensory garden.


Popular Music Streaming Media Company 

This enterprise has their “main stage” office in Oakland’s bustling Uptown neighborhood. Their model: create a separate, individualized radio station for each user having just the “good” music on it, with none of the “junk” that other users like. The space has a modern industrial feel with an open floor plan and stunning 360-degree views of the Bay Area.

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