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Rainbow Grocery Coop Arizmendi Bakery Bay Area Bike Share 2

Rainbow Grocery Coop                                                    Arizmendi Bakery                                     Bay Area Bike Share

The confluence of the economic crisis, environmental concerns, and the maturation of the social web is giving rise to an exciting economic trend called trend called the “Sharing Economy”, harnessing the power of local communities to build a more financially and ecologically sustainable future. The sharing economy, or collaborative consumption, is a growth industry with exciting career opportunities, as well as a new field of study and practice providing answers to some of today’s biggest questions.

This truly unique tour highlights some of the innovative local initiatives, which have developed around sharing workspaces, living situations, transportation modes and more. Participants will meet with leaders in the field, tour their facilities, and learn about how sharing maximizes economic resources, minimizes ecological impact, and builds community.

“What a day of pleasant surprises! We toured green restaurants, solar powered buildings, community gardens, and went to a showroom of green cars. It was an education in the broad scope of sustainability where I experienced first hand a full spectrum of green businesses, led by knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides.” -Jean Sturges, Insurance Broker

“I had a blast! Lots of fun and great to get an insider’s view of some of the businesses I was not familiar with.” -Rauly Butler, Senior Vice President, Mechanics Bank

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