Maker’s Tour San Francisco

Although the movement started with just a few artists and hobbyists, it has attracted thousands over the decades. A record 65,000 people waited in traffic for two hours to get to the Maker Faire in the San Francisco area this spring.
On a basic level, the movement is about reusing and repairing objects, rather than discarding them to buy more. On a deeper level, it’s also a philosophical idea about what ownership really is.

dwightmark9219-sb11 304As the movement has gathered increasing momentum, makers have created their own market ecosystem, developing new products and services. The combination of ingenious makers and innovative technologies are driving innovation in manufacturing, engineering, industrial design, hardware technology and education. Over the years, the MAKE division has become synonymous with the Maker Movement and is the recognized leader of this growing community of makers.

Sample stops could be: TechShop – a vibrant, creative community that provides access to tools, software and space. Rickshaw Bagworks – a manufacturer of custom messenger bags, computer carrying cases, and related accessories for bicycle, outdoor and urban lifestyle purposes.

Everyone is a maker and our world is what we make it.

Rickshaw bag works The Tech Shop
The Tech Shop The Tech Shop

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