San Mateo Coast

Let Bay Area Green Tours be your host to experience the beautiful coastal line of San Mateo County, just 35 miles south of San Francisco. Our tour guests will visit local businesses and meet their owners, who are dedicated in providing high-quality produce and livestock for locals. Many different crops are grown in the county, ranging from flowers to vegetables and field crops such as beans and grains. Dedicated to providing food for today but yet protecting the land for future generations, San Mateo County stresses sustainable agriculture by promoting organic and local farming.


Come visit local nurseries, greenhouses, harbors, tide pools, farmers markets, dairy farms or the Pescadero Lighthouse. Enjoy the beautiful coastal view, as we have dinner on farms, Farm to Fork style, surrounded by the beautiful farm scape.You can hop on a luxury coach for this unique journey along beautiful Highway 1 at one of three convenient bus stops Berkeley, San Francisco, and Half Moon Bay.

We will be happy to provide you with a unique tour for your party.

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