Cityscapes: Green Building Tour of the East Bay

Explore some of most sustainable architecture in the Bay Area on this educational tour highlighting exceptional green buildings which serve as exciting new models for the future.


Meet inspired local leaders and tour a variety of types of structures – from office buildings to family homes, as well as places that sell and produce alternative building materials. Since buildings account for a large percentage of the carbon emissions resulting in climate change, this tour includes information about features that can dramatically lower their ecological footprint.

Sample Schedule
Duration: 7 hours / full day
Tour stops: 5-6
Transportation: Walking, Pedi Cab or Motor Coach

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“The most important thing I learned from this morning is the different examples of passive solar and green design. the one thing I saw that I will build into my model passive solar home is the thermal mass.” -Stegan Denny

“The most important think I learned today was that green building isn’t always expensive. One thing that I saw that I will build into my model passive solar home is radiant heaters and radiant tubing and white roof.” -Amaka Ndubia