Artisan Cheese Tour

Our delicious Cheese Tour offers an insider’s glimpse into the craft of local cheese making. Visit goat, cow and sheep dairies and explore barns, milking parlors and cheese making facilities, while touring in a comfortable bio-diesel motor coach through the beautiful countryside of Marin and Sonoma counties. Participants have the opportunity to taste and purchase products on site, and to engage in dialogue with farmers, cheese makers, and a representative from The Marin Agricultural Trust which works to preserve farms in Marin. All the featured farms use organic farming practices and sell their products to local markets and restaurants. We will have lunch at one of the tour stop’s facilities or stop at a beautiful picnic spot en route (lunch boxes optional).

Capacity: up to 40 participants + 1 Tour Guide + 1 Tour Assistant = 42 on tour

Price range: $1800-$2200 (lunch included)

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At an organic goat, cow or sheep dairy farm, we will explore barns and milking parlors, observe cheese making facilities and pet calves and lambs. Participants learn from cheese producers about organic farming and their craft of cheese making, tour farms and ranches, and can sample cheese and purchase fresh products.

image04st george cheese

We will also be visiting one of California’s award winning organic farmstead cheese makers and gain exciting insights into the craft of local organic cheese making. We will learn about the different brands of cheese, all made from 100% organic farmstead cow’s or goat’s milk. We’ll take a guided tour of the cheese company’s creamery. Participants will be introduced to organic cheese making and enjoy a cheese tasting on site. Afterwards, participants can purchase its cheese, as well as explore other local treats (cheese crackers, jam etc.) in the shop.

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