Organic Farm Tour

Residing in the beautiful, lush coast of the San Mateo County are farmers dedicated in providing high-quality produce and livestock for locals. Many different crops are grown in the county, ranging from flowers to vegetables and field crops such as beans and grains. Dedicated in providing food for today but yet protecting the land for future generations, San Mateo County stresses sustainable agriculture by promoting organic and local farming.

Participants will learn directly from the farmers about their organic, ecological and agricultural methods that “promote a respect for the diversity, dignity, and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil, and global life” while supporting economic sustainability. Farmers will have the opportunity speak publicly about their work and how their lives have been transformed through their experiences.
Choose from several tour stops which we are offering and let us know what your preferences are.

We will be happy to provide you with a unique tour for your party.


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