Lighthouse, Beach & Redwoods

Pigeon Point Light Station is the newest addition to the California State Parks on the San Mateo Coast. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one of the most picturesque lighthouses on the Pacific coast. The tower stands on a rocky promontory and has long been a landmark for ships approaching San Francisco Bay from the South. This headland, and hence the lighthouse, took its name from the ship Carrier Pigeon that wrecked here in 1853.

A string of five small beaches dots the Pacific coast of San Mateo County, beginning with San Gregorio in the north and spreading southward to Beach Hollow. Each has unique characteristics that attract visitors in all seasons. Over the hills from the developed Bayside that is south of San Francisco, people seeking quiet beaches and small towns will find the San Mateo coast alluring. North County towns such as Pacifica are bracketed by the ocean and protected by hills, while Half Moon Bay clings to a rural character.

The tallest living creature on Earth based on height is thought to be the Hyperion Redwood tree in northern California. Because California is the only place in the world to see the tall redwood trees over 200 feet / 60 meters, many visitors have redwoods as one of the “must see” items during their trip. There are different types of redwood trees, just like there are different types of pines or oak. The Coast Redwood is just one of three different types of redwood trees living today: Dawn Redwood, Giant Sequoia, and Coast Redwood.


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