Our Interns and Volunteers

Bay Area Green Tours (BAGT) invites passionate and dedicated individuals to help us further our mission of inspiring and educating people about sustainability. Learn about Bay Area mission driven businesses, non-profits and farms while building up your resume, collaborating with a fabulous team, making valuable contacts, and getting hands-on experience at a cutting edge organization located in the “Environmental Epicenter!”

We are very blessed to have a variety of volunteers who share their background, work experience and knowledge, including undergraduate and graduate students, and non-students including seniors.

BAGT has proudly worked with volunteers and interns from all over the world including:

Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, The Netherlands, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Nepal, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Congo, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Japan

We also welcome partnerships with universities and agencies.


Recent Interns & Volunteers

Hello! I’m Anmol Kulwinder and I’m from Belgium currently working as a marketing intern at BAGT as part of my Marketing and International Business degree. I consider myself lucky to have found BAGT because I have learned so much in the past 8 weeks. I’ve advanced my skills in writing, social media, and have gained new skills such as tour management, professionalism, and administrative work. My work with BAGT made me more conscious about the importance of sustainability and environmental practices. Day by day, I’m trying to become a better person for this world, society, environment and I hope you are as well!


Hello, I am Natasha Mawella! I used to run a Facebook page in Sri Lanka on ‘Recycling’, highlighting its importance and fun methods to do so. And as a newcomer to the Bay Area, wasn’t I delighted to discover BAGT, a wonderful nonprofit that highlights green practices and sustainable businesses within its own locale. Volunteering at BAGT gave me an opportunity to exercise my marketing skills. And having been a professional content writer for many years, it was interesting to write a few lines when needed.
Bay Area Green Tours: friendly people, a cozy place. It is where you find ‘Inspiring and Empowering of Local People’, at its best.


Hi, my name is Kamalpreet Kaur and I am from India. I am an Environmentalist and I have a Doctorate degree in Environmental Sciences. I have a 6 years experience of working in the field of water, waste, sustainability and climate change. Currently, I work as a Research Volunteer at BAGT. Working for BAGT provides me so much insight of the all the sustainable and eco-friendly business/practices in the Bay Area. I look forward to spread this message of sustainability among communities and big businesses through BAGT.


Hi, I’m Emmalyn Aviet (but everyone calls me Emma)! You’ll be hearing a lot from me as I usually work on writing the newsletter and producing copy for our website! Besides writing, I help to plan and lead tours, research green businesses, and aid in business development. I love working at BAGT because of the amazing organizations we’ve had a chance to highlight, including urban farms, local artisans, and green innovators! This role always gives me a chance to learn and grow in areas that truly interest me and for that I am extremely grateful!


Hey there! I’m Sarah Ellwood and I’ve been with BAGT since December 2017. My professional background is in Marketing Strategy Consulting as well as Digital Marketing, so I’ve put my skills to work at BAGT contributing to and managing marketing projects shape the future direction and audience of BAGT, and promote the organization itself and the awesome (and really fun!) client tours we create. I’ve enjoyed every moment of learning about and growing the green movements happening here too! My time at BAGT is something I really cherish because it allows me to combine 2 passions of mine –  marketing insights & exploring new places. Plus, I get to work with a really incredible, diverse, and passionate team of people!

Hello there! My name is Arash Nikzad and I’m currently working as a volunteer at Bay Area Green Tours. I recently graduated from SF State where I did my degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism. During my education I interned for three months at BAGT and designed the Central Oakland tour for the organization. I live in Oakland and I am truly Oaklandish by heart. I would love to show the people around what Oakland is about. That’s why I made the decision to volunteer for BAGT as a tour operator.

Join our team!

We have a fun and committed team, and really enjoy and appreciate each other!

Collaborate with a fabulous international team where you’ll learn and gain skills in research, communication, marketing, fundraising, graphic design, tour development and more! Build your resume and end your internship with professional references, community service credit and a multitude of skills, resources and lasting friendships.
If you’re interested in joining us as an intern or volunteer:

You’ll hear back from us in a couple days to talk about how you can contribute to BAGT!

What BAGT Offers:

While Intern/Volunteer positions are unpaid, they provide many substantial professional and career benefits including:

  • Gaining skills in Project Management, Email Marketing, Client Communication, Research, Partnership and Fundraising, Marketing, Sales, Event Planning, Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Experience and Training using Salesforce, Google gSuite, WordPress, Dropbox, KanBan
  • Networking with some of the most inspiring Bay Area sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Collaborating with innovative and pioneering leaders in the exciting and expanding field of sustainability
  • Working with a strong, spirited and dedicated team pooling their efforts to support a unique local grassroots environmental non-profit
  • Receiving a Letter of Recommendation or professional reference, based on performance
  • Receiving community service credit for school

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