South Bay Planet Friendly Buildings

An Inspiring Tour of Sustainable Architecture in the South Bay

Explore the future of green building technology from companies that push the limits of innovation. From giant tech companies to foundations working to combat climate change, buildings all across the region integrate their visions of sustainability into their workspaces. Since buildings account for a large percentage of the carbon emissions resulting in climate change, this tour includes information about features that can dramatically lower their ecological footprint.


Some Suggestions Stops

Campus in the Woods

This tucked away campus is more akin to a retreat than a workspace. It is home to trees, nature trails, ponds, and wildlife. Buildings connected by walkways give employees plenty of time to be outside. With buildings made of recycled materials, a successful composting program, and others this campus marries sustainability with an attractive workspace.


Grantmaking Foundations

Putting their money where their mouths are, these foundations have built headquarters that embody their commitments to advancing environmental protection, scientific research, and higher education. These buildings boast many green features such as living roofs, rain catchments, solar panels, and natural lighting and ventilation. Come see how these foundations are fighting to create a better future.


Bird Friendly Building

Come see how a tech company’s building protects birds and their surrounding environment through design features, landscaping, as well as with partnerships with local groups.


Environmental Studies

This complex is the nation’s first LEED Platinum rated community college building. Students here learn about environmental stewardship, pollution prevention, sustainability, and others in a building that exemplifies the next generation of green building and education.

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