San Francisco Planet Friendly Buildings

An Inspiring Tour of Sustainable Architecture in San Francisco

Explore some of the best examples green architecture in the country right here in San Francisco. From top LEED certified structures to buildings with exceptional green features, these buildings will serve as exciting new models for the future. Since buildings account for a large percentage of the carbon emissions resulting in climate change, this tour includes information about features that can dramatically lower their ecological footprint.


Some Suggestions Stops


Federal Building

This is among the most exciting structures that has been built in San Francisco in recent years. A dramatic and futuristic image conceals an enormous complexity of sustainable design principles that give form, up to the last detail, to this remarkable building. The building is Silver LEED Certified.

InterContinental SF

Sustainable Hotel

This hotel is an architectural wonder that addresses environmental challenges through technology, partnerships, and process improvements. Since its debut, the hotel has committed itself to integrating as many green and sustainable practices as possible into daily operations and upkeep of the property. Protecting their guests’ health and safety, the communities’ natural resources, and the global environment through progressive green programs and policies are their main priorities.


Greenest Building of its Kind

State of the art LEED Platinum certified building that integrates alternative energy and waste-reuse technology to better sustain businesses. Key sustainability features include on-site clean energy generation through photo voltaic systems; 100 percent of wastewater treated on site; use of low flow toilets; 45 percent daylight harvesting; and the consumption of 55 percent less energy and a 32 percent less electricity demand from the main power grid.

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