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Seventy miles north of downtown San Francisco lies Forest View Apple Ranch, a dazzling oasis established in 1934 as a Heritage apple orchard. The eighty-acre property and orchards are preserved today with the help of the Von Renner family, who purchased the ranch in 1995.

Perfect for a Variety of Special Events!

Forest View Apple Ranch boasts the ideal location for a family getaway, field trip, work retreat, and wedding. Pick fresh apples from the orchard and press them into cider. Lounge in the hammock, soar on the rope swing and otherwise relax at this very special property. Come and celebrate your love of life, family, nature and one another!

  • Apple Picking and Pressing
  • Family reunions
  • Weddings
  • Retreats: Business, Yoga, Artist, and Writing
  • Campouts
  • Field to Forest Tours

Forest View Apple Ranch houses a collection of natural and man-made amenities, such as rock and farm object sculptures and an organic garden managed by our next-door neighbors – Armstrong Valley Ranch. Fife Creek supports an ecosystem of vital plants, birds, bees, butterflies, and wildlife. The orchards are also home to pears, plums, peach, and quince trees.

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  • 80-acre property with apple orchards and a ten-acre organic garden
  • Custom treehouse, picnic area, BBQ and rope swing
  • Camping area on the creek with outdoor plumbing, fire ring, and screened-in outdoor kitchen
  • Apple pressing & hayrides
  • Chickens and ducks who look forward to sharing their eggs!
  • Custom-built Stump House for two for overnight stays. Built on an ancient redwood stump!

The Location: Guerneville, California

Two miles from the Russian River, adjacent to Armstrong Redwood Park and 20 minutes from the beautiful Goat Rock Beach, Sonoma Coast. The historic river resort town of Guerneville hosts art galleries, locally-owned shops, nightclubs and great restaurants.

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 About the owner Fred Von Renner:

The Von Renner family purchased the ranch in 1995 and are preserving it today to share with future generations. Fred is a 3rd generation, life-long resident whose family emigrated from Lucca, Italy in 1921 and helped define Guerneville’s history. His grandparents opened Buck’s Restaurant in downtown Guerneville in 1936 and until 2000 this family-owned business served guests of the Russian River family-style dinners.

In 2007 Fred decided to sell his local construction company so he could focus more on his family, travel and add more support to the Forestville Youth Park where his son played in little league. From the moment he stepped foot on this remarkable property and throughout the years, Fred’s passion has been to share Forest View Apple Ranch with family, friends, and guests.

What our Guests say…

“Forest View Apple Ranch is a serene and secluded sanctuary, a comfortable drive away from Oakland offering a refreshing recharge.  We had a wonderful time, from enjoying the refreshing pool, apple picking & pressing,  to the tire swing and tree house. One is able to relax or to stay active by exploring all the beauty that surrounds the property. Fred is a gracious and natural host, it was truly a pleasure to be on that land and to spend time with Fred.  I will be back!” — Amanda Greene, Co Founder /  Co Director of Youth Seed, Oakland

“The time I spent at Forest View Ranch was really special and the highlight of my Summer. It was the perfect venue for a private ‘glamping’ retreat. The outdoor kitchen, the fire pit and outdoor seating made it so easy to eat well and live outside in comfort. Armstrong Woods just minutes away offered epic hiking trails and the swim in the Russian River was divine.  Having a place to feel at home and bring friends together while enjoying the outdoors can be challenging but Fred was a fantastic host – it was a blessing to be on his land and enjoy this piece of paradise.” — Amelía Aeon Karris

“Time spent at Fred’s apple orchard was just magical and it felt as though time stood still. The natural beauty on the property is astounding and allows for the perfect setting for contemplation and relaxation. Fred also took the time to show us the process of pressing our own apple juice which was so much fun!” — Sharmila Singh

About The Apples

Forest View Apple Ranch is host to 20 varieties of various Heritage apples. These varieties sprouted from the seeds of the previous year’s harvest.

To name a few: 

Gravensteins: In 2005, Slow Food USA declared the Gravenstein apple a heritage food and included it in their Ark of taste. Slow Food USA reports that production in Sonoma County is currently 750,000 boxes (15,000 tons) of Gravensteins a year; one-third of the fruit (250,000 boxes) is of premium market quality.

“It has often been said that if the Gravenstein could be had throughout the year, no other apple need be grown.”  Luther Burbank

Golden Delicious: Very sweet to the taste with a delicate skin.  

Jonathan’s: Medium sized and sweet. These apples ripen through the fall.

McIntosh’s:  This fruit has red and green skin, tart flavor, and tender white flesh, which ripens in late September. These are all-purpose apples, suitable both for cooking and eating raw!

Roman Beauties: These apples are almost all red glossy, thick skin and firm flesh. Used for baking (as its flavor develops when cooked), and it holds its shape well.  By late September they are ready.


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