Food Waste Tour – San Francisco

An Eye Opening Experience in San Francisco

According to Paul Hawken’s comprehensive new book Drawdown: “Uneaten food squanders a whole host of resources—seeds, water, energy, land, fertilizer, hours of labor, financial capital—and generates greenhouse gases at every stage—including methane when organic matter lands in the global rubbish bin.” Therefore food waste is responsible for roughly 8 percent of all global emissions! In this tour, we’ll follow the food waste trail to learn how ingenious social entrepreneurs are sourcing unwanted fruits and vegetables. We’ll learn how some are creating food products and meals that would otherwise rot on farms or spoil during storage or distribution.

Some Suggested Stops


SF Wholesale Produce Market

Every morning, growers, farmers, brokers, and buyers gather here to exchange the most delicious produce in California. Our 30 on-market businesses span direct-to-market growers, family-owned produce houses, and tech-enabled food delivery systems.


Imperfect Produce/Ugly Juice

Imperfect fights food waste by finding a home for ‘ugly’ produce. They create subscription boxes filled with produce sourced directly from farms and deliver it to customers’ doors for 30-50% less than grocery store prices. By eating ‘ugly,’ you’re helping build a more sustainable and effective food system. You’re helping fight food waste. You’re ensuring farmers are rewarded for their full harvest with less wasted land, fossil fuels, and water. You’re improving access to healthy food. You’re creating fulfilling careers for employees. With every bite into a misshapen apple or crooked carrot, you’re helping shape our world for the better.


Ugly Juice is cold-pressed juice made from local, imperfect produce delivered daily by bicycle. Two out of five fruits and vegetables are “too ugly” to be sold in grocery stores and are routinely discarded by farmers. We care about the taste, not the aesthetic appearance of our ingredients. We make nutritious, vegetable-based juice from only unwanted produce at a significantly lower cost.


 Good Eggs Tour and Lunch

Good Eggs is an online market that delivers good groceries to customers’ homes throughout the Bay Area, seven days a week. They also create meal kits so that consumers can make fresh and healthy dinners at home. They work directly with local farmers and foodmakers, which allows them to get their food in half the time of a traditional grocery store. That means better, more delicious food for you. They could also be making us a delicious lunch using their fresh groceries.

Bi-Rite Market

Bi-Rite cultivates genuine, dynamic relationships with the numerous and varied individuals responsible for our food. In the ever-evolving food landscape, they make educated decisions and push the boundaries of responsible sourcing. They inform their guests about the true cost of food and advocate a positive impact on our food system. By celebrating craft and heritage, they preserve diversity, traditions, and taste. As a result, their food is honest, memorable, and full of flavor!

ThirstyBear Brewing Company

ThirstyBear Organic Brewery is the first and only brewery in San Francisco to brew certified organic beer and become a certified Green Business. ThirstyBear sources its ingredients from the world’s most renowned malt houses and premier West Coast organic hop farms to distinctly pair their craft beers with its exquisite Spanish cuisine.

Other Possible Lunch Stops May Include:


Ferry Building

Dine in style at the San Francisco Ferry Building, the primal portal of the city famous for its dramatic clock tower that has been the icon of San Francisco waterfront for more than a 100 years. From Vietnamese street food to oyster bars, handmade empanadas to good old cheeseburgers, and weekly farmers markets, Ferry Building’s Marketplace has something for everybody.

West of Pecos

Swing open the saloon style doors, take a left at the kitchen, relax in one of the large cozy booths, and celebrate your special occasion in the Saddle Room. The appeal of this location is that they are currently serving the revolutionary Impossible Burger which is changing the way that people are looking at the meat industry.

The Perennial

A San Francisco restaurant and bar launched in 2016 that champions progressive farming. Agriculture has the potential to reverse climate change and their goal is to serve great food and drinks that are part of a positive food system. Through their Perennial Farming Initiative, they support farmers and ranchers who employ regenerative practices including serving bread made with perennial grains, butchering carbon ranched meat and operating an aquaponic greenhouse.

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