Fibershed Tour: Local Artisan Fibers and Dyes


Photos: Paige Green and Marissa LaMagna

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 You’ve heard of the watershed and perhaps the foodshed, but have you heard of the fibershed? This exciting movement is achieving attention as a holistic approach to clothing that truly supports a culture of artisans as well as farmers.

Fibershed’s mission is to change the way we clothe ourselves by supporting the creation of local textile cultures that enhance ecological balance, and utilize regional agriculture while strengthening local economies and communities

Many articles of clothing travel long distances around the world incurring cheap industrial production that impose unaccounted costs on people and our planet. Growers who process wool within a short distance of where the wool is grown, dramatically reduce carbon footprint and support their own local economy.


  • Local ranchers, their heritage sheep, alpacas, and llamas                                      
  • Artisans that are building a local fiber economy.

Learn about

  • The variety of wools, wool products produced in our local Bay Area fibershed                      
  • The efforts to create a local wool ranching economy                                                       
  • Carbon sequestration and the Marin Carbon Project                                                     
  • The history of the ranches and the efforts to preserve them


To learn more about the Fibershed Movement and why it is important for soil health, economic development and climate change.