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Apple Cider Tour – Sonoma County

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Customized Sonoma County Apple Cider Tour! 

Visit Local Apple Farms and Cideries!

Experience the beautiful and abundant apple growing area of Sonoma  county — just one hour north of San Francisco! Tour local apple orchards and cideries and witness the entire sustainable process from apple harvesting to the bottling/kegging of cider. Go behind the scenes to learn how sustainable practices influence local agriculture and cider culture.  Create a customized tour from the optional stops listed in this flyer.  Each of our unique tours is led by a knowledgeable guide who will facilitate stimulating conversations with local owners and purveyors.  These visits are designed to inspire green thinking so that participants can return home with a renewed understanding of the food supply and a deepened appreciation for local agriculture and – of course – cider!

Suggested Stops Subject to Availability and Season 

 Forest View Ranch – Guerneville 

Little Girl Pressing JuiceYou will be greeted by your host Fred, who will share the history of the ranch and give you a tour of the ageless apple orchard. You will be surrounded by the majestic redwoods on the property. Forest View Ranch has a diverse selection of apple varieties that are ripe on the tree from August thru late November. Fred will take tour participants through the juicing process, demonstrating you how to shake the trees, collect, wash and press the apples. In just a few magical moments, the golden juice begins to flow!

DeVoto – Sebastopol Devoto-Orchards-Cider-554x500

We’ll begin in Sebastopol where the climate is ideal for growing apples. This forty-eight acre family farm was founded in the 1970s. It began as an original microgreen grower and slowly evolved into biodiversity. In addition to cider, the farm is renowned for their cut flowers, vegetables and grapes. Their certified organic and dry-farmed orchards use no irrigation, relying only on Mother Nature’s supply of rain and fog. The yield of apples and cider is thus smaller but more intensely flavored.

 Specific Gravity Cider Company – Sebastopol ciders-specific-gravity-cider-sonoma-county-300x200

Specific Gravity Cider Company was created in 2013 by three friends who share a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, from farm to glass. Their apples are grown locally on small, heritage family orchards and are certified by “Nana Mae Organics”.  Their juice is fermented into cider with specially selected natural and wild yeasts.  The owners’ goal is to create luscious hard cider for people to sip, while simultaneously supporting their ecology and local food systems. 

Sonoma Cider Healdsburg dc9e4376840f163f4991806071d9dae7_400x400

Located in the heart of Sonoma County, Healdsburg is home to an eclectic offering of all things food and beverage — from world renowned vineyards and streets lined with five-star restaurants, to the place that Sonoma Cider calls home. The owners use only organic fruits since they are smaller and have a much more intense flavor. They also avoid using sulfites, concentrates, added sugars and preservatives in order to create their product’s unique taste. Sonoma Cider currently has distributors in 24 states and the company is rapidly growing.

Tilted Shed CiderworksWindsor Tilted Shed Ciderworks

This 5.4-acre work-in-progress cider orchard is run by an outstanding cider-loving couple in West Sonoma County. Scott has a certificate in cider sensory evaluation from UK’s National Association of Cider Makers. His wife Ellen, a longtime book and magazine editor, is busy these days managing and marketing the farm. They started Tilted Shed Ciderworks in 2010 and are committed to following organic and biodynamic farming principles, promoting biodiversity and providing habitat for beneficial animals and insects. The Tilted Shed Cider is made from apples grown in both their own orchards and by other local growers.

FoxCraft Hard Cider – Santa Rosa foxcraft-bottle-shot-on-apple-barrel

Located in Santa Rosa, FoxCraft is an award winning, ultra-premium hard cider, fresh pressed and hand crafted from world class apples grown in the Pacific Northwest. It delivers a quality taste that is equally refreshing and memorable. The company’s five apple blend and unique finishing process has resulted in ten prestigious awards in their first four months of business, including two “best of show” awards.

We look forward to sharing with you the exciting world of local and sustainable cider!

“What a unique and wonderful way to kick off our trip to the Bay Area- we had an awesome time!” –Kendra Sandoval, Visitor from Colorado

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