Art, Nature & Wine

This wonderful and unique tour involves exploring art pieces, gorgeous parks and wine tastings in lovely Napa County.
You will get the chance to see beautiful art pieces of multidimensional artists who express their rich vision through a wide photographic repertoire to sculptures that merge iron, glass, steel and light.
Visit the residence of Paremiologist and Folklorist Archer Taylor and listen to his collection of humorously and genuine proverbs.

Indulge your eyes with great views of a century-old redwood forest and stroll among the Redwood Creek watershed west of Napa. The land harbors a broad array of native flora and fauna which will be protected in a wild status forever.
Come and tour regional parks with us where all nature lovers will find nearly six miles of trails for exploring 673 acres of oak woodland, grasslands, Madrone and Douglas Fir forest, and patches of chaparral.

Whether you would like to have a boxed lunch, buffet or sit down meal, we will be happy to provide you with your choice at an organic and family-owned vineyard and lavender farm located in the beautiful Napa Valley. We will complete this lovely trip with a wine tasting at an environmentally-friendly vineyard which established a number of sustainable practices as well as collected art pieces since 1966. The owner develops a close dialogue with an artist and he carefully limits his focus as a collector to 20 living artists whose work he faithfully supports long term.

Bay Area Green Tours promises a very beautiful and relaxing day out. Please notice that we offer customized tours of a combination of several Napa tours.

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