A Taste of West Berkeley

Photo of Sierra Nevada Taproom by Thom O'Hearn
Photo of June Taylor by Susie Wyshak @ http://foodstarter.com
Cultured Pickle Shop, credit Berkeley Advanced Media Institute

A Taste of West Berkeley

You may have heard of the Gourmet Ghetto in North Berkeley but few know about West Berkeley’s culinary scene filled with an eclectic mix of delicious international and local specialties. On this neighborhood walking tour, go behind the scenes with chef Terry Betts to learn about sustainable local food enterprises. Interact with the owners, bakers, jammers and brewmasters while getting a taste of the diverse delicacies in this area’s most exciting eateries!

Tour Stops: Morell’s Bread, June Taylor Jam, Cultured Pickle Shop, Vik’s Chaat House and Cafe Rouge and the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room.

Type of Tour: Walking

Length of Tour: 3 Hours; typically from 1-4pm

Days of the week: Wednesdays

Number of Stops: 5-6

Read about it HERE on Berkeleyside.com, July 2016, and more HERE on Berkeleyside.com, August 2016.

 Terry-3Meet your guide! Terry Betts lives in West Berkeley with her family and 11 chickens. Terry has spent the last 35 years working in the world of food and she loves to eat! Her food features traditional foods from around the world, with the Northern California twist of seasonality and fresh local ingredients (and lots of vegetables!). She leads our Taste of West Berkeley Food Tour and farm tours through out the Bay Area and is very familiar with the organic standards and sustainability issues in agriculture. Recently Terry has been the Cook in Residence at Josephine.com based in Oakland where she supports the home cooks preparing meals on the platform for sale to their neighbors.

  • Most of Terry’s career has been as a caterer, small business owner and a private chef.
  • She has worked as an event planner for an environmental organization focused on organic cotton farming. She has produced events, that have included farm tours, in 14 countries, including India, Turkey and Peru..