North Bay Permaculture Showcase

North Bay Permaculture Showcase

Monday September 19th (9:00-5:30)

Depart: 9:00 am – Solar Living Institute

Return: 5:30 pm – El Cerrito BART station

Cost: $80 (optional $15 lunch)

Dive deep(er) into permaculture and resilience with visits to educational centers and grassroots projects on this post-Convergence tour of San Francisco’s North Bay. By visiting these food forests, intentional communities, and educational projects, you’ll gain an appreciation for the passionate people who are transforming the Bay Area and building a just world that we can proudly pass on to the next generation.

We’ll tour:

  • Singing Frogs Farm, a  model of sustainable stewardship and carbon sequestration this micro-farm combines bio-intensive land/forestry management theory. No tilling or pesticide/herbicide/fungicide sprays are used. Their high-carbon layer of soil retains more water than conventional topsoil, requiring less irrigation and produces 5-7 harvests per year on their land, vs the 1-2 harvest average of other farms;
  • Permaculture Skills Center, which teaches the development and management of regenerative agriculture systems on their demonstration site. Included among their innovative educational programs are permaculture trainings that focus on women’s leadership in the field;
  • A model cob house, built by renowned cob designer Miguel “Sir Cob-a lot” Elliott of Living Earth Structures. Their mission is to construct high quality living earth structures and encourage community involvement through educational workshops and gatherings around the finished project- whether it’s a cob oven or a cob classroom…or a cozy cobin;
  • A showcase of Daily Acts projects, highlighting successful partnerships with cities and sharing models that you can bring back to your own community, including Executive Director Trathen Heckman’s incredible urban homestead, and a recreation center across the street serving as a model of resiliency for the community. 


See urban homesteads, permaculture business, no-till farms, private-public partnerships, and more — there is something for everyone! 



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